Tuesday, September 02, 2008

*DISCLAIMER: I wrote this while riding on an Amtrak train. I had worked all day and then boarded a 4 hour train to go visit my best friend who just had a baby. I was anxious to get there, and extremely reved up because the guy behind me would not get off his cell phone...... the language might quite possibly be the worst language I have ever used in a blog..... this is a warning.....


Why are people so fucking rude?

I mean, really?

Do we need to start taking cell phone etiquette classes in high school? I believe this should be a prerequisite to graduate. Like, you can’t fucking take college classes until you pass an etiquette test in cell phone usage. You know, like those math and english tests you have to take to get placed in college level courses? THOSE are the test these people should be taking.

Should you talk on a cell phone while waiting for that airplane to leave the gate and on to the runway?

Should you talk on a cell phone in a restaurant?

Should you talk on a cell phone when that Q train is above ground and crossing over the Manhattan Bridge?

Should you talk so fucking loud that the entire Amtrak train car can hear your ENTIRE LIFE STORY?

Is it ok to talk on a cell phone on an Amtrak train, airplane, subway train, city bus, in a restaurant if you are able to keep your talking down?

The answer is NO. NO NO NO!

I don’t give a shit if you’ve wiped your ass today or what you’ve eaten for breakfast. I don’t. And I’m sure my husband and all the fucking strangers on that train or plane or bus don’t want to hear it either.

Get the fuck off the phone assholes. Have some common sense.