Thursday, August 09, 2012

26.5 Weeks!


I will be in my third trimester on Sunday so please don't tell me how huge I look. Ok, whatever... I know I look good. Haha. So please don't tell me how great I look either. What I'd rather you do is comment on how someone who looks like this - almost 7 months pregnant - stood on a New York City subway train THREE days this week while commuting to work. It's currently Thursday, so you may be thinking "ok, so you sat ONE of those days - standing 75% of the time isn't bad!" But I was actually out of commission on Monday with back pain so I didn't even go to work! So yes, each day I've gone to work this week has consisted of me STANDING on the train the entire commute. My train ride is about 25 minutes. I get on the F train at Jay Street in Brooklyn and I get off that same train at 14th Street in Manhattan.

Are you telling me that not ONE person sitting in a seat saw my almost-seven-months-pregnant belly standing clutching a pole?

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could share this. Post on your facebook, twitter, blogs.... maybe it will reach SOMEONE in New York City to make people more aware.

p.s. Please excuse the bathroom shot I swore I would NEVERRRRR take and post on any website or social media outlet. Hey, at least I tried to pretty it up by instagramming it! xo.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Back Pain and Pregnant

It is a very well kept secret that I, almost 7 months pregnant, is not usually offered a seat on a bus or train. Yep! You heard that right! More than 50% of the time, I stand on my entire 45 minute commute to work each morning. Crazy, right?

I went through this with my first pregnancy and I used to honestly think that most people were oblivious to what was going on around them and they did not realize there was a pregnant belly standing right in front of them while they checked their emails on their phones, or read their magazines or books, or listened to music with their eyes closed, or whatever else they decided to do while riding public transportation. Now, I think people are malicious. They look right at me and they DO. NOT. CARE. about giving up their seat.

I don't exactly feel the same love for this city that I did before I got pregnant (the first time) almost three years ago. I do not like being pregnant - not because of vanity or anything else you may think - but because most people in New York City are not nice to me when I'm pregnant! I don't know what it is. Sometimes I think people look at me and think "Even though this girl is VERY pregnant, she is in much better shape than I am so I'm going to keep on sitting!" And it's true - I am in pretty good shape for being almost 7-months pregnant. But, dang, people! I can't even get a sip of water from my water bottle while standing because I'm afraid I'm going to lose my balance! It's 90 degrees outside and I have sweat beads on my forehead and I'm STILL standing!

I hurt my back over the weekend trying to lift a box of clothing. Yeah, I know, stupid! I know that now. I actually couldn't go to work on Monday not because I have a job that's strenuous (I'm usually sitting at a desk all day!) - but because I didn't know what my commute to work and back would be like. If I could have been sure to get a seat on the bus and train, I would have been able to work! But most of the time, when I sit on the bus or train, it's because someone is getting off at the next stop - NOT because they are offering a seat to a pregnant woman. It's crazy to me.

So far, during this pregnancy, I look pretty much normal except for the huge belly. My legs and my arms look pretty much normal - but my belly is bigger than it was at this stage the first time. We'll see over the next three months if people start letting me sit....