Monday, August 10, 2009

It is now the middle of August and it has not yet hit 90 degrees this summer. And in my opinion, this has been the BEST SUMMER EVERRRRRR because I am usually always warm. I mean, obviously, in the winter when there is snow falling from the sky, I'm not walking outside in my little sundresses and flipflops. But as far back as I can remember, I was always the one fanning myself and screaming for my mom and dad to "HURRY UP and PUT ON THE AC!" in the car. It was only as I got older and started doing research on redheads that I learned I, as a redhead, RETAIN HEAT! Aren't I lucky?

Today will be the first 90 degree day that New York City has seen this summer.

So please - would someone tell me why I saw some idiot at West 4th Street this morning wearing a skirt with some big ass cowboy boots? (pic of the offender) I mean, come on! Did she really wake up in her sauna of an apartment this morning and think today was the best day to look like she is going to ride a horse?

I haven't seen my husband since this morning when I left for work - but how much does anyone want to bet that when I see him tonight, he will come through our front door wearing jeans? And a woman I work with just went out for lunch and when she returned to our office, she called out "Man, it's HOT out there!" Then WHY are you wearing a cardigan sweater? REALLY!?

I honestly built my entire outfit around today's heatwave. Cotton cotton cotton! Cotton dress. Cotton tank top. Cotton underwear! The body needs to breathe, people. And while you're at it... please don't forget deodorant! (I was this close to telling....)