Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I am fully convinced that my nose is going to fall off. When the cold weather started here about, um..... 3 months ago, I knew that my nose was going to go through some changes. I never knew that these changes would be as bad as they are at this moment.

Let me first start by telling you what's been going on. As most of you might know already, I have a hard time keeping my fingers out of my nostrils. I don't know why I am 24 years old and still haven't learned to keep my fingers out of the two little holes in the middle of my face. As a little girl my mom always asked me what I was digging for and if there was anything left "up there." I just laughed it off. Now I see the reason why.

It is now years later, and I have met another person (Charlie) who keeps telling me that I need to keep my fingers out of my nose. I always thought "who is it hurting? at least I don't do it out in public!"

During the last few months, my nose has gone from dry to dryer. The freezing cold temperatures and dry heat in my apartment (that damn space heater!) has taken a toll on one of the parts of my body that is suppossed to keep moist at all times. I woke up last week to my dry nostrils, moved my face around a bit and realized I had some stuff up there.

And this is where it all begins.

I began to stick that right hand pointer finger up my right nostril that I've done many times before and felt I got something. I was pulling at something when I realized it was not the usual up-the-nose feeling. What I was feeling was not a booger, it was actually skin that had dryed so hard in my nose that it hurt.

This was when I realized I had gone too far. Since I thought it was a booger (as I have said.... I have no problems picking my nose) I started to pull at it. But to my horror, it wasn't a booger at all. It was the skin IN MY NOSE!!!

It was too late. My nose had already begun to bleed and there was no turning back.

It is a week later and my nose still hasn't healed. I was telling Charlie today that I don't know if it's ever going to heal. My roommates keep telling me that I need to put neosporin up my nose! (HELLO! That stuff is for external extremeties!)

So all of you think I have learned my lesson? NOPE! I'm still sticking my fingers up there. I guess I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, the familiar finger that my nostrils know so well will help to soothe the area I picked so badly.

I guess the answer is the only way I'm hitting gold is if I go buy it. But for now.....

My nose really hurts.

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