Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Why is it that some people in this country make so much money and don't even have a college education? Does that mean I didn't receive a decent education in college? I wonder this everyday. Did I waste my time in college? I'm trying to understand the reason I busted my ass during my 5 years in undergraduate and I've yet to come up with any answer.

And then I think... "oh yeah. Law school."

Is being a lawyer something I really want(ed) or some kind of status symbol for me to achieve? Two days ago, I was almost relieved to find my tenth rejection letter in the mail. Nine from last year and one came this year for a total of, you guessed it, TEN rejection letters and a whole lotta wasted money on application fees. And this is alright with me. Maybe in 5 years. Maybe in 10 years. Who knows. All I know is right now, the money isn't worth the aggrivation of being an attorney. And anyways, is that what having a career is really all about?

I should be old enough and educated enough to realize that life shouldn't be all about money. But truthfully, it is. I have this strong belief that money is the root of all evil. Everything that happens in life is about money. And why is that?

Charlie told me a few days ago that "this is suppossed to be the best times of our lives." What I'd like to tell him is that the best time of our lives is going to be when I'm not worried about making enough money to build back up my savings account or when we live in a better neighborhood where I feel safe enough walking back from the subway at night by myself. The best time of our lives will be when we are secure with money........

The store I work for was robbed today. A man simulated a gun and stole about $500 in cash out of our register. And it isn't about money?

I need to go to law school.

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