Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I saw the most unbelievable thing on the subway this afternoon. As I was standing on the train, I watched an elderly woman, probably 85 years old - stand up from her seat to offer it to a young pregnant woman. What was amazing to me was that no one else sitting on the train noticed the pregnant woman and her protruding belly. This of course, isn’t true.

At least once a week, I see a pregnant woman on the subway – STANDING. The people sitting look directly at the woman and go on sitting in their seat, reading or doing whatever they are doing. There have been times where I’ve actually told a man to get up out of his seat. Didn’t he see there was a pregnant woman standing right in front of him? Of course he did.

Did he not care? Obviously, he didn’t.

One time, I watched as a teenager hurdled her way across the train to sit in a seat that just opened. Not watching what she was doing – a pregnant woman was slowly going to the seat and the teenager hit the pregnant woman’s belly. Are these people not thinking? Is it really detrimental to sit on the train?

Most of the time, I stand on the train. Of course, I like to sit once in a while (who doesn’t?). But I feel I’m always the one to stand up for a woman who is over the age of 50. I’ve even given my seat to a man who looked like he’s worked on a construction site all day. Kids under a certain age should always be sitting on the train and the mother should be sitting next to them. I LOOK for pregnant women. This is just how it should be.

From now on, I’ve decided to be an advocate for pregnant women sitting on subways. And believe me when I say….. I’ll let you know if I feel you should get up.


AKK said...

Kharma should be paying your back right about now...c'mon, where are you kharma?

Becky said...

i totally forgot i wrote this!!