Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Can someone explain to me why the women in New York who are my age have two-carat diamond rings on their finger? I am completely unimpressed. I mean, who are these girls marrying?

Everywhere I look, I see women in their mid-twenties wearing rings that I’d be afraid to wear. I have insurance on my half-carat diamond. I remember when I called up USAA to buy insurance for my engagement ring… and when they asked me the weight of my diamond, I replied: “.49.” And I’m completely cool with that. In fact, I told Charlie that I want quality over quantity and that’s exactly what I got.

[[I have to add in that my ring is GORGEOUS. Not even a two carat diamond can top my ring. My fiancĂ© designed my ring and the diamond is flawless. It seriously couldn’t be a more clear or colorless diamond.]]

I don’t ever want to be wearing something bigger than what my Mom has. Which isn’t going to be hard for me to accomplish, because let’s face it… my Mom could be known as Mrs. T with all her jewelry. And it doesn’t hurt that my dad has the Dr. in front of his name. My mom got her big diamond after 30 years of marriage and she calls it “the Honker.” I’m assuming that needs no explanation.

But I’m back to the same question: What is it with these girls wearing these huge diamonds? What are they trying to prove? That their fiancĂ© loves them more? I don’t think so.

These women need to stop flaunting it around like it means something, because it doesn’t. Besides, having a ring like that means you’re probably more likely to get mugged. And the truth of the matter is, and I don’t mean to stereotype…. but I feel the bigger the diamond, the more likely it is that your husband will cheat. Haven’t you people read Bergdorf Blondes?

So hold on to that diamond, baby… soon, it will be paying your alimony.

PS. And no, I’m not bitter. It’s just the dead-honest truth.

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