Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I was THIS close to telling a woman today on the subway that she needed some deodorant. In all honesty, I seriously almost told her to put her arm down from holding the bar above the train’s seats. It was THAT bad.

I was standing there up against one of the doors when she approached me. Her armpit could not have been any closer to my nose - I felt I was a prisoner with no where to go.

Something about summer in New York makes the stinky people come out of their caves. What I forget is that these people are probably stinky year-round, but the winter’s extremely low temperatures force people to wear coats that cover the stench. But in the summer, it’s a free-for-all. These people are wearing tank-tops with no place for their stink to hide. I seriously want to ask them: Did you take a shower this morning?!?

As for the woman - Target is ONE stop from where I get let off. As I stepped off the train to walk home, all I could do is hope she was getting off at the next station.

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