Friday, June 14, 2013

Hypospadia Repair

It's no secret that the month of May was rather difficult in our home. Aside from the fact that our daughter broke her leg after falling off a ladder at the playground, our little man had to have surgery to repair a hypospadia. A hypo-what? Yeah, that's what I said when he was born back in November. In technical terms, our poor baby had his urethra in the wrong place. In more understandable terms, his pee hole was not on the tip of his penis.... it was on the shaft. So while I was lucky enough not get to get peed on like most mothers of newborn baby boys usually do, I had to deal with our boy being put under for two hours while he underwent a surgery to repair the imperfection.

When our baby was first born, our obstetrician told us that he couldn't perform a circumcision because our son had a hypospadia. I never knew this type of thing even existed. But it did. And our little man had it! So I did what any parent would do. I researched to find the best pediatric urologist in New York City. Listen, we live in the best city in the world. A city not only filled with the best shopping (ha!), but also filled with the best doctors! We found the doctor, made an appointment, the rest is history.

Little man had his surgery just a few days after his half birthday. It was a very long stressful day, but all worked out well. The worst part was when he was waking up from anesthesia. They warned me that he would probably cry for about a half hour straight, and nothing would soothe him. They were right. It was horrible. We were also told that he would be in visible pain for the first day, and then wake up better the next morning. They were right about that also. He was extremely clingy for about a week, but that was ok because I took off work to be with him. And honestly, I didn't mind the bit of clingyness.

It's now almost four months after the surgery and he's perfect. He's always been perfect. But now, as our pediatric urologist said.... "He has a perfect penis!" Awwww.

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