Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Well helllooooo there. Here we are. I should have been doing this months ago….. but I promise I will have you all caught up in no time.

I am currently 25 1/2 weeks pregnant with our first child - a little GIRL! It was a tough road getting to this point, and I’ve battled with my own inner demons on whether or not I should share with the world my infertility battle. So yeah, all you bitches who were asking me “when are YOU going to have a baby?” should be ashamed of yourselves! DOH! My husband (Charlie) and I have decided that we are PREGNANT and we are not going to focus on the past, but rather we are going to focus on the future. And the future is we are having a sweet little baby girl in three months! Yeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

My experience being pregnant in New York City has been quite an interesting one already. My mom and Charlie enjoy hearing my stories each day about my commute to and from work. Whether or not I was offered a seat on the bus or train. What were people’s reactions to me. Whether or not the person was annoyed at offering their seat. And WHO offered their sacred seat for me, a pregnant woman, to sit.

The first time someone offered me their seat, I was exactly 15 weeks pregnant. I had a teeny belly at this point, and honestly, if you didn’t know me, you probably would have thought I just had a bit of extra bloat from brunch. I was wearing a pair of black leggings, a fitted gray cotton turtleneck, a leather jacket and a pair of boots. A black woman, probably in her 40’s or so, offered me a seat on the bus on a Sunday afternoon. Charlie was with me. I thought it would be easy-peazy from then on! Wow was I wrong!

Listen, I’m not going to complain (or maybe I will a little), but rather, I think each day is a new experience but it is pretty ridiculous that sometimes people look directly at me and directly at my 6-months-pregnant belly and go on reading their books or magazines. The best is when people close their eyes to act like they are taking a nap! Yes, people really do that!

So here I am!

I love writing, but I slack off sometimes (most of the time!) on my other blog:

I’m hoping I can keep up with this one! Enjoy! Oh, and FYI, I love comments! xo.

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AKK said...

I love both of your blogs...maybe if I comment more, you'll write them more often. ;)